Easy After-Work Rituals To Calm & Quiet the Mind

Everyone has workdays where they are going full speed. One of the biggest challenges at the end of the day is turning off your work mode and relaxing enough to separate this form your home life. Over the past year I have developed rituals for myself that allow me to quickly and easily transition from work to home mode. I look forward to these rituals all day and I always know I have them to look forward too. I suppose they are my healthier version of the evening cocktail.


In Japan there is a beautiful custom of removing one shoes before entering the house. Most traditional Japanese homes have a step or ledge that is either higher or lower than the rest of the house. Not only is this done for cleanliness sake, but the difference and height and removing of ones’ shoes is done to signify leaving the rest of the world behind and entering the separateness and sacredness of the home.

That is where my ritual starts. Taking off my shoes is symbolic of leaving the world behind. I know once I do that, I’m home.

Next for me is washing my hands. Of course in New York there are many reasons for doing this but running my hands under cool water changes my energy and again, clears me of the cares of the day.


Next, I either splash some cool water on my face, or lately have been misting my face with Amayori’s Orange Blossom Sake Face Mist. I find this a reviving yet calming treat that easily takes me to another world. Misting the face is fragrant and luxurious. This usually comes as a refreshing contrast to the past workday.

My next step is to mist my shoulders with Ambrosial Ofuro Aromatic Sake Mist. Just a few sprays and a few deep breaths and I am calm, relaxed and grounded.

Scent and ritual can take us out of time and space. I love being able to create my mood and elevate it as needed. No matter how busy we are during the day it is essential to calm and quiet the mind so we can enjoy time with ourselves and our families. These are the moments that recharge us all and are moments to treasure and savor.

Warmest wishes,

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