Ground Yourself in the Morning

Ground Yourself in the Morning

I originally intended for this first post on grounding to be about morning meditation. Rather than that, let's step back a bit and discuss waking up in the morning.

So many people are experiencing anxiety dreams due to what is going on in the world. These types of dreams can leave you feeling exhausted both physically and emotionally. By grounding ourselves from the moment we wake up, we pull in all the scattered energy produced from a night of intense dreaming. This will help you create a solid base that will last for the entire day.

First, a quick lesson on the Japanese perspective on energy systems within the body (similar to chakras). In Japanese thought, martial arts, and healing arts, it is believed that everything originates from the hara. This area is believed to be where our ki or, energy as well as our personal power originates from. The hara is positioned about 3 finger-widths below the navel, between the abdomen and the spine. Just focusing on this area is a grounding exercise in itself.

This is the area we want to focus on when we wake up in the morning. As soon as you realize where you are, reel in your thoughts. Don’t think about the news or the day ahead. Just focus on the hara and breathe in deeply with a three-part breath. To do this, breathe into the upper chest, then the rib cage, then the abdomen. Hold each breath for a second or two and exhale completely by reversing the breath while bringing the bellybutton back towards the spine. Do this at least three times.

Amayori Hinoki Onsen Botanical Perfume Oil

For deeper grounding, try keeping the Hinoki Onsen Botanical Perfume Oil next to your bed. After breathing, roll a bit onto your wrists and breathe deeply. This fragrance contains a number of oils that support grounding such as hinoki, atlas cedar, and vetiver. Doing this will also connect you to something familiar and comforting. You can also try smelling a cedar block or cedar chips if you have them. Or, grab a stick next time you are outside and touch it in the morning. The point is to connect to wood as wood has strong grounding properties.

From here, take a few minutes to remind yourself what you are thankful for. 

Stay tuned for the next "grounding" post that will be focused on an easy morning meditation. Until then, take every day one day at a time. 

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