Making the Takada Tawashi Body Brush

Making the Takada Tawashi Body Brush

Once we placed our order for the Takada Tawashi Body Brushes earlier this winter, we waited. And waited… Little did we know that the brushes were being hand made for us and would take a month to ship.

These brushes are a testament to Japanese craftsmanship. There is no rushing here. That is why each brush delivers an unparalleled, soft yet effective body brushing experience.

Take a look below to see the making process in action.

Harvesting windmill palm fibers in Wakayama prefecture.

Only the softest fibers make their way into Takads's body brushes. The bristles are sifted through by hand.

A passion for detail and meticulous work.

This brush is a work of art. Aside from being a treatment for the skin and lymphatic system, it is a reminder to slow down and appreciate beauty, quality, and work done with passion. I hope you love this new addition as much as I do. To learn more, click here.

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