A Calm Home: Winding Down in the Evening

A Calm Home: Winding Down in the Evening

As time goes on, I begin to appreciate my evening rituals more and more. My evening bath has now become part of my husband's life, and I wanted to share with you some thoughts on creating an end-of-day ritual for you and your family. I love this way to wind down together, yet individually. I believe that a household should be on the same wavelength, and when everyone winds down in the evening, it creates a beautiful, harmonious environment.

In Japan, the evening bath is so much more than we can experience without giving it some thought. In a Japanese home, the bath is seen as a way to renew the soul. It is a deep, embedded understanding that when you emerge from the bath, you have discarded your cares and worries. After each family member has bathed, there is a sense of calm and a knowledge that the outside world has been left behind.

No matter how old we are or what we have going on in our lives, we all have stresses and worries. No one is immune to this. What if, at the end of the day in your household, your family embraced a ritual for everyone to spend time on self-care as a way to clear themselves of these worries? This would surely lead to a more peaceful sleep and a better tomorrow.

For one family member, self-care could be a 15-minute bath, for another a cup of tea, and for another a languorous shower. Perhaps for another, it’s diffusing the Home Essence in the background with some relaxing music to create a calm energy throughout your home. Each person should choose something that they truly enjoy and look forward to.

I have always believed that our homes are our oasis. With a bit of intention and planning, our lives can be bettered by the relaxation and rejuvenation that we experience within them.

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