The J-Beauty Trend

The J-Beauty Trend

Over the past six months I have seen a huge amount of interest from beauty editors in the Japanese beauty, or J-beauty, trend. People are comparing it to the K-beauty (Korean beauty) trend which again, is interesting. Korean beauty uses a lot of bells and whistles. It’s fun, cute, exciting, and somewhat gimmicky. The Korean beauty trend has pumped out numerous products per month – there is always something new and different.

So, what about Japanese beauty? At its core Japanese beauty is simple, somewhat austere, refined, elegant, and minimal. Japanese skincare ingredients are time-honored. There is nothing flashy about them. Japanese women know what works and they stick with it. They do invest a lot in skincare, but not in a lot of products. Japanese beauty, just as in Japanese food, design, art, or kimono, is about quality over quantity.

Japanese women are focused on self-care. Diet, bathing, skincare, being mindful, drinking green tea - these are all habits that make up the Japanese beauty routine. It’s fascinating to watch this trend slowly move its way into the US. Will Japanese beauty brands change their message to reach US consumers? I don’t think so. That would be distinctly un-Japanese. So, just as any other meaningful trend, Japanese beauty will change us.

I see a future of women who slow down a bit, who realize that beauty isn’t just about skincare and makeup. I see women taking time for real self-care such as bathing, staying out of the sun, eating better, and being more mindful.

When I started Amayori it was with the wholehearted love of the Japanese bathing experience and a desire to bring this to the West. Can you imagine how much our lives would change if we all bathed more often, ate better, took time for tea, and lived a more contemplative, mindful life? I can’t wait to watch the changes the J-beauty trend will bring.

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