Two Ways to use the Aromatic Body Wash

Two Ways to use the Aromatic Body Wash

The Aromatic Body Wash is more than a skin cleanser—it is a mood-shifting skin nurturer.

Based on the Japanese ritual of showering before taking a bath, there are two ways to use the Aromatic Body Wash that will turn your shower into a beautiful experience for the skin and soul.

As a Massage-Based Wash: At Japanese onsen (hot springs) or sento (public baths), there are washing stations set up with body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. Upon entering the washing area, you find your spot and bring a washing bucket and a bench over to it. One of the things I have noticed when bathing in Japan is the amount of time women spend on the washing phase of their ritual. In fact, in many sento, I have seen women spend more time washing up than soaking. This inspired the 100% natural formula for the Aromatic Body Wash. This wash is non-drying and is in fact skin-nurturing. Made with plant-based cleansers, herbal extracts, seaweed, and the most exquisite essential oils imaginable, the Aromatic Body Wash is meant to be massaged into the skin for as long as desired. This ritual is a chance to pause and slow down the mind. I often love to focus on my shoulders and collarbone while breathing deeply. With each aromatic inhale, the cares of the day slip away.

As an Exfoliating Deep Cleanse: When paired with the Open Weave Washcloth, the Aromatic Body Wash can be used to exfoliate the skin without the harsh abrasives that are usually found in body scrubs. Pour a quarter-size amount onto a damp cloth and massage the body for as long as desired. Focus on areas that need TLC, such as elbows, knees, and the backs of the thighs. The exfoliating action from the washcloth allows for deeper penetration of products, including after-shower care, such as our soaks, Body Misting Essence, and Hikaru Multi-Use Oil.

This is just the first step into the world of beauty that is the Japanese bath. A shower can always be just a shower, but why not make it an otherworldly, transcendent experience? This is a wonderful way to enjoy our rare alone time and connect with ourselves.

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