A Shower Meditation

A Shower Meditation

Summer is a wonderful time for a languorous shower, so I thought I would share with you my favorite way to use showering as meditation. This ritual is amazing when done on its own or before a bath. I also love this ritual if I’ve slept poorly or if I’ve had an unpleasant dream.

Using the Aromatic Body Wash, begin by pouring a quarter-sized amount into your palm. Massage the wash into your skin, beginning wherever feels comfortable. Take your time—this is where the beauty happens. Since the Aromatic Body Wash is non-drying and skin-nourishing, it can be massaged into the skin for as long as desired. Spend a few minutes massaging with your eyes shut, and as you do, envision all of your cares and worries being washed away. When you are ready to rinse off, visualize those worries slipping down the drain, leaving you refreshed and renewed.

I hope you enjoy this ritual as much as I do.

Warm wishes,


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