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Take a break from your day and allow this page to inspire your bathing rituals while taking you on a visual journey. 

Japan is home to thousands of natural hot springs. This is only a handful but is representative of their allure, majesty, and beauty.

You can use these images as a meditation when using Amayori's products. Simply hold an image in your mind and allow our fragrances to transport your soul while you relax.

Amayori, Onsen of Japan 1
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Each bath is a time and place where we can discard all that we don't need. By soaking, we renew our souls and start anew.

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Amayori, Onsen of Japan 4
Bathing can be a spiritual practice and a form of meditation. Allow your thoughts to drift while you soak. Don't ignore thoughts, but don't indulge them either. Just let them come and go while you absorb the warmth, water and scent that sourrounds you.
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Our imaginations can take us anywhere. Allow each bath to take your soul and sense on a journey.
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Amayori, Onsen of Japan 8
Bathe with intention. Realize how special each bath is. No soak is ever the same. We learn, we grow, and we transform with each bath.
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Discover the beauty of bathing in Japan through the senses.