The Aromatic Journeys

In Japan, the bath is a place to unwind and forget about your cares. Bathing is considered essential to well-being and for most, is a daily practice. The Aromatic Journeys are three transportive fragrance collections inspired by Japanese bathing traditions of the ofuro (bath), onsen (hot spring), and rotenburo (outdoor bath).

Each collection has distinct physical and emotional benefits and brings together sumptuous mood-shifting fragrance, transformational bath and body care, Japan's time-honored artisanally grown and gathered ingredients, and enveloping story to create unforgettable experiences for the body and soul.

Allow these Aromatic Journeys to create the ultimate at-home sanctuary where you escape from life’s busyness, reconnect with yourself, regain balance, and establish a newfound sense of serenity.

Ambrosial Ofuro, AmayoriFor those who desire calm and tranquility: Ambrosial Ofuro
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Hinoki Onsen, AmayoriFor those who desire deep, meditative relaxation: Hinoki Onsen
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Rotenburo Air, AmayoriFor those who desire rejuvenation and renewal: Rotenburo Air
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