Hon Nigari, Japanese Skincare Ingredients, Amayori

Magnesium chloride

Provenance: Japan

About: Nigari is a coagulate and is featured in the finer tofu in Japan. The nigari used in Amayori’s products is referred to as hon nigari and comes from the majestic Sea of Japan. “Hon” has many translations, but in this case, it means “true” or “right.” The use of hon in relation to nigari connotes superior quality. Our nigari comes from the oldest nigari maker in all of Japan, five generations strong. 

Hon (true) nigari is a product of fresh seawater and is created during the sea salt drying process, during which the impurities are removed. The most superior of these nutrient-rich crystalline flakes are 99.9% magnesium chloride. 

Magnesium is THE relaxation mineral. It is an antidote for mental and physical tension that can unwind and relax even the tightest muscles while it decompresses and calms the mind. Magnesium is more easily absorbed through the skin than through food. Soaking in magnesium chloride is considered transdermal magnesium therapy and thought to be the optimal way to bring magnesium into your wellness routine.

Featured In: The Japanese Hot Springs Experience Sets and The Hot Springs Mineral Foot Soak.