Mekabu, Amayori

Wakame sporophyll undaria pinnatifida

Provenance: Japan


We have a passion for sea vegetables and are not exaggerating when we say that mekabu may our favorite of them all. 

Mekabu is the ruffling sprout of the wakame plant and is found just above the holdfast. Wildcrafted and hand-harvested from the environmentally protected waters off the Ise Bay, our mekabu is dried on the seashore, washed with pure water, and then cut for the final drying phase.

All sea vegetables are high in vitamins and minerals. Mekabu, however, may be the most vibrant of them all. Since mekabu comes from the root area, its nutrients are more concentrated, as it has to nourish the upper part of the plant. From an energetic, macrobiotic perspective, we believe that this contributes to its dynamic as a plant that is full of vitality and gives off steady, long-lasting energy.

High in fucoidan, a polysaccharide found in the cell walls of brown seaweeds, mekabu has a unique texture that is almost gel-like when wet. This makes for an excellent skin hydrator and nourisher, and mekabu is believed to encourage skin elasticity while contributing to the skin’s overall integrity and revitalization. Scientific studies have shown that fucoidan acts as a strong antioxidant, enhances cellular and immune health, and has the ability to protect the body from metal toxins.

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