Amayori Seasonal Snow Ritual Tsuru Luxury Set

Seasonal Limited Edition: The Snow Ritual Tsuru Luxury Set

$ 109.00

The Snow Ritual tells the story of Tsuru, the beautiful and always elegant Japanese Red Crown Crane. Known through the east as a symbol of luck, happiness, and longevity, the Tsuru carries itself with the elegance and grace of a ballerina.  

Allow yourself to enjoy the beauty of winter while experiencing your own grace, beauty, and elegance through a calm, self-possessed, positive mind. The Snow Ritual is an uplifting, clean floral fragrance that includes mood elevating Monarda, Rhododendron, and Jasmine Sambac. A touch of Yuzu and White Pine will lift your spirits and relive stress during the cold winter months. 

The Snow Ritual Tsuru Luxury Set Contents:

Snow Ritual Shower Gel - 2 fl oz

Snow Ritual Mood Spray - 2 fl oz

Snow Ritual Hikaru Multi-use Body Oil - 2 fl oz

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