Discover Okinawa, The Scent of Summer Relaxation

Discover Okinawa, The Scent of Summer Relaxation
Amayori Okinawa
When I set out to create this year's summer fragrance I knew wanted something that would make me feel like I was on a vacation every day for the next three months. Even though I will be in New York the bulk of this summer, I want to feel as if I am on an island with waves crashing close by and the scent of exotic flowers linger in the air. The result is Okinawa, a gorgeous tropical fragrance that is truly is summer magic in a bottle and one of my favorite fragrances yet. 
Beneficial to the senses, body, and mind, each ingredient has been selected to promote relaxation and to bring you the scent of summer. Below are three of my favorite key ingredients in Okinawa.
Amayori Okinawa Organic Gardenia
Organic, Bio-Dynamic Gardenia Enfleurage (South America): Not only is this beautiful oil organic, but the farm on which it grows is bio-dynamic. Bio dynamic farming is a topic on it's own, but the standards are even higher than certified organic. The farm is completely self sustainable and planting and harvesting are done according to the lunar calendar. This essence is extracted by age-old method using organic palm oil & organic cane sugar alcohol. From an aromatherapy standpoint, gardenia melts away stress and promotes relaxation. It also is an aphrodisiac. Another wonderful benefit is that gardenia is extremely high in antioxidants which makes it perfect for anti-aging skincare and after-sun use.
Amayori Okinawa Organic Coconut
Organic Coconut Pulp (Sri Lanka): A fairly new ingredient in the natural fragrance world, this extract adds luscious, tropical notes to Okinawa with its exotic, creamy fragrance. Coconut Pulp extract also has a light moisturizing effect that is perfect for summer skin that has been exposed to the sun and salt water. 
Amayori Okinawa Organic Lemongrass
Organic Lemongrass (Sri Lanka): I love to include lemongrass in all of Amayori's summer fragrances. There is something casual and happy about it's refreshing fragrance. I also find it a wonderful antidote to the summer heat. Lemongrass has a calming effect and is used to help with nervous conditions. It is also uplifting and is used to fight depression.
So, please join me this summer on a vacation for the senses. I hope that Okinawa will be part of your summer happiness and memories. Summer mornings, post-beach evening showers, or just a moment in the middle of your work day – let Okinawa be your getaway and enjoy the relaxation and ease that summer is meant for.
 Warm wishes,
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