Yusuzumi, a Summer Evening Ritual

If you were with us last year you may remember the word yusuzumi. This was the theme of our 2015 beloved Summer Breeze collection. The tradition of yusuzumi is so special that I love revisiting it every year.
The meaning of yusuzumi is to enjoy the cool of the evening after a hot summer day. Japanese summers are notoriously hot and humid and yusuzumi is a relaxed reprieve from the heat. A favorite summer Japanese tradition of mine is taking a warm (not hot), early evening bath and then relaxing with a glass of sake or cold green tea.
Right now I am obsessed with Amayori's Okinawa Luxury Bath Salts. I just slip into the bath and imagine that I'm at the beach with the summer scents of coconut and gardenia. After my bath I mist Okinawa Aromatic Sake Mist acorss my collar bone and upper arms and slather on Okinawa Hikaru Multi-Use Oil. During these moments I am in my own relaxed tropical heaven. 
Now for yusuzumi: if in Japan, the bath would most likely be followed by time in a garden enjoying a fragrant breeze with a glass of cold green tea in hand.  That said, I am in New York this summer but I still have my favorite yusuzumi rituals that are a part of summer that I look forward to all year. My cool down time consists of  cold green tea and perhaps watching the sun go down over NYC which in its own way is as beautiful as a fragrant garden.
If I am unable to make time for a bath I love the easy, relaxing ritual of misting my face with Amayori's limited edition Orange Blossom Sake Face Mist and will enjoy a glass of cold green tea while I dim the lights watch the sun set from my window.

Another favorite yusuzumi ritual of mine as an evening walk to the water. I live on the lower end of Manhattan and can easily walk to the end of the city. The sunsets here are always a stunning back drop to water and the Statue of Liberty. I love this. It calms me and I am always thankful for having something so beautiful within walking distance.

One last favorite of mine – evening sake on the roof of my building. I have a gorgeous view of all that surrounds lower Manhattan. Water, boats, Brooklyn and New Jersey. Here too, the sunsets are stunning and the mood is calm. Being so high up offers a beautiful breeze.
Even though summer has just begun I already find myself thinking that I don’t want it to end. I love everything about it. It’s such a wonderful feeling to be so happy with the present. Loving the current moment is truly the most beautiful ritual of all. 
I hope this inspires you to create your own yusuzumi rituals. If you have a summer evening ritual, I would love to hear about it.
Warm wishes,
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