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In Japan a daily bath is akin to the western yoga class or perhaps a glass of wine at the end of the day to relax after work. The tubs that are in most Japanese homes are called ofuro. These tend to be a bit deeper than the standard Western tub. When I started working on Amayori's new fragrance, Ambrosial Ofuro, I wanted to make something special that could be used everyday to relax whether it be through a bath, shower or just a few moments of enjoying Aromatic Sake Mist across the shoulders. The result is a luscious fragrance that is such special treat that I look forward to using day after day.
Discover a few of the ingredients that make Ambrosial Ofuro so special and relaxing below:
Amayori Hinoki
Hinoki Essential Oil: When I smell hinoki, I smell Japan. Hinoki wood is used to make Japanese bathtubs such as ofuro and onsen. Not only is it a sacred wood used to build temples and shrines, it is also known for it's antibacterial properties. Even better is the relaxing, entrancing scent that hinoki wood exudes. Hinoki essential oils is distilled from the wood of the beautiful hinoki tree and is a wonderful way to capture the spirit and scent of Japanese bathing rituals.


Amayori Ambrosial Ofuro
Golden Champaca CO2: Exotic and very rare with a honey-like fragrance, champaca promotes relaxation and euphoria. This is the perfect oil for those who need to destress or for those who worry too much.


Amayori Ambrosial Ofuro 3
Ginger Lily CO2: This adds the wonderfully euphoric melon and light, spicy (yet cool) wood notes to Ambrosial Ofuro. Gingery Lily CO2 helps fight depression while it relieves stress and tension.


Amayori Ambrosial Ofuro 3
Ylang Ylang: I was blown away when I first tried this lighter, fine version of ylang ylang. It dries down to a light floral that reminds me of a springtime breeze. Ylang ylang is used to create feelings of euphoria. It is calming, relaxing and used to relieve stress. It is also an aphrodisiac, making Ambrosial Ofuro a perfect fragrance to use in the evening.


Taking time to relax and decompress everyday is essential to our happiness and well-being. I hope you love and enjoy this new fragrance as much as I do.


Warm wishes,
Discover Ambrosial Ofuro


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