How To Have a Zen Morning



Most of us are not morning people. Like many, I used to cringe and pull the blanket over my head when the alarm rang. Over the course of many years this has changed. I now wake up around 6:00 AM naturally and it is my favorite time of day.
The tools and tricks that I’ve learned are a culmination of various beauty and wellness practices. I've used these bits and pieces to create my morning ritual.
Following is my routine. Either try these in this order or pick and choose what works for you. Either way, do it with the intention of ritual and greeting the day.
  • Ground Yourself: When you wake up in the morning, capture your soul. Rather than jump out of bed or grab your phone and check emails, take a moment. I know it’s hard but it is so worth it. Our energy is scattered when we first wake up. Center yourself.
  •  Give Thanks: Rather than dive into your mental to-do list start by going over things that you are thankful for. Realize what you have.
  • Manifest: This is a newer addition to my morning routine. State what you want to the universe and feel it happening. Set you intention for the day and for your bigger picture.
  • Drink Water: You have just gone the entire night without water so re-hydrate. I keep a large 16 ounce glass next to my bed and it’s the first thing I reach for in the morning.
  • Incorporate Aromatherapy: It really is better than coffee. I keep Amayori’s Zen Morning Botanical Perfume Oil next to my bed. Zen Morning is a subtle yet invigorating mix of blood orange, bitter orange, Japanese mint and black pepper essential oils.
  • Read Something Positive & Inspirational: It only make sense to read something positive, even if only for a few minutes. Remember that you are setting the tone for your day and getting into a positive frame of mind.
  • Exercise: Even if it’s just stretching or a few Sun Salutations, your body and mind will thank you for getting your muscles warmed up and your blood flowing.
  • The Shower: Always use bath and body products that are energizing and reviving. If I am really struggling I will toss a Zen Morning Shower Mochi into the shower and allow the beautiful citrus-mint blend to mingle with the steam. Perfect after a long night out. On the average morning I go for Zen Morning Shower Gel and Zen Morning Hikaru Body Oil.
We may not all be morning people but we all should start the day off in a positive way. I can’t imagine waking up the “old” way. Now, no matter what happens in the course of the day, I know I had some me-time.


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