Embracing the Beauty of Uncertainty

One of the things that I decided to work on in 2015 was my fear of the unknown.


Rather than look at this fear as something I need to "fix" within myself, I am putting a positive spin on it and am learning to embrace the time and space when I am not quite sure what is going to happen or when things are going to happen.


I've heard it said that if you don't want to feel fear, stay in your comfort zone. We all know what happens when you stay in your comfort zone - not much. If we strive to grow we must step into the unknown. At times this can be unsettling.


One thing that I know is consistent: things always work out for the best. I have said countless times to myself that "If this works out I will never doubt the potential of the universe again." Only to doubt the next time I couldn't see the light of the end of the tunnel. It's a cycle that is useless and I intend to push beyond it.


So my goal for this year is to change my relationship with uncertainty. Rather than fear it and count the seconds until it's over, I plan to approach it with open arms and an open mind and view it as a time of creating unlimited potential. We never know what is on its way to us. Today could very well be the best day of your life or the day when you break tremendous ground. 


Expect amazing things and know that they are always on their way. It's just a matter of time before everything you need and perhaps even more reaches you. I hope you will join me in letting go of fear and worry and embracing the beauty of letting life unfold in its own time and in its own way.






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