A New York City Walk in the Woods


The other day I was walking around New York with a good deal on my mind. I though it would be wonderful if I could go for a long walk in the woods to think and sort through my thoughts.


Manhattanites  have Central Park, which is lovely, but not what I had in mind. What I needed was a walk in solitude surrounded by the tress, smells and stillness of a forest.


Then I thought of a fabulous idea: a bath made with essential oils that come from various tress. 


That evening I created the most wonderful scent using Hinoki (Japanese Cypress - my favorite), White Pine, and Atlas Cedar essential oils. I blended these with Amayori's bath salt base and voila - my own personal forest.


So, my walk in the woods wound up being a forest inspired bath - and it was perfect. I have decided that this is my go-to bath whenever I need a "walk in the woods". I love the ocean- so that is next on my list of creations. A garden would be wonderful for spring......the possibilities are endless.


What we can learn from this is to let our imaginations run wild. Create our environment to suite our moods. Don't limit yourself. Bring beauty into your life in creative ways. What you create may wind up being better than the real thing.








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