My Favorite Spa Water Recipe


As a self-confessed water addict, I am always amazed when I hear people say they struggle to get their 8-12 glasses down every day. 


Drinking water can be life changing in many ways. I find water makes a major difference in my skin. When I drink above 10 glasses a day my skin glows and looks more youthful. I also have more energy and am more flexible making for an easier workout.


Following is my favorite way to make drinking water easier. This Spa Water recipe is perfect to make for yourself and always impresses friends and guest.


Spa Water:
1 large pitcher of filtered water
1 organic lemon, washed, sliced and seeded
2 handfuls of organic mint leaves, thoroughly washed
1/2 peeled and sliced cucumber


Throw everything in the pitcher and fill it with filtered water. Let it sit for about an hour. I prefer my water room temperature so I leave it on the counter, but you can refrigerate this if you'd like. You can keep refilling the pitcher with water for up to 24 hours.


Enjoy and please share!










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