The Amayori Sento — Shower Mochi

A   J O U R N A L   O F   B E A U T Y

An Autumn Meditation For Change and Transformation

In the past few journal entries I have mentioned autumn being a season of changed. Just a quick recap: In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the element associated with autumn is metal and the principal organ associated with autumn and metal are the lungs. It is thought that working on the lungs and balancing the metal element will bring about change and transformation. After the fall equinox I began meditating while using aromatherapy to open the lungs. Using fragrance as a catalyst, I have been taking time every day to focus on the lung area and breathing deeply and I am experience change faster than I can even imagine (more on that soon). I know that the reason for all of these changes...

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How to Enjoy Shower Mochi - Tips For a Long Lasting Spa-Like Experience

  Shower Mochi allows you to have a luxurious and easy spa-like experience in the shower. It is a great alternative to a long, relaxing bath and easily allows you to have an aromatic, bathing ritual experience. I am often asked the best way to use Shower Mochi so I thought I would share my favorite tips:     Allow the shower to run for a bit and let the bathroom to fill up with steam. This allows the essential oils that are released to hold in the air better.    Place OUT OF the direct stream of water: I place my Shower Mochi off to the side so it is getting water on the bottom but not being “rained...

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