An Easy Daily Wellness and Beauty Ritual: Dry Brushing

Amayori Dry Brush

Dry brushing, or “body brushing,” is a wellness technique that has been around for centuries. Following are some of the many benefits of this easy to use mind-body tool.

1. Detoxification: Dry brushing aids in detoxification on multiple levels. The skin is the largest organ on the body. Each day we shed millions of dead skin cells that we no longer need. Dry brushing loosens dead skin cells and removes them by exfoliation helping your skin to regenerate faster. Dry brushing also stimulates lymphatic drainage which lends to the body’s elimination of toxins. 

2. Cellulite Reduction: Body brushing massages a redistributes fat cells that lie deep below the skins surface. Since dry brushing eliminates toxins it may eliminate those that break down connective tissue. Some believe that this effect on cellulite is only temporary. Either way, dry brushing will plump up the skin and will reduce the appearance of cellulite.

3. Soft Skin: Dry brushing is the easiest way to get smooth, soft skin – and it’s much easier and more effective than topical scrubs.

4. Better Absorption of Body-Care Products: Once dead skin has been exfoliated you will be able to absorb products more efficiently into the deeper layers of the skin. This is especially effective when using anti-aging and aromatherapy products such as our Hikaru Oil.

5. Stress Relief: Invigorating yet relaxing, body brushing is highly addictive. A massage for your external and internal organs, dry brushing is a spa-like experience that can be done at home on a daily basis. If done correctly and with intention, it has a meditative-like quality about it and is a wonderful way to start or end your day.

How to Dry Brush:

A full body dry brush session can be done in under five minutes – but feel free to indulge as long as you like. Simply start at the feet and brush the skin in a large circular sweeping motion. I like to section of calves, then thighs, etc. making my way upwards. Always brush towards the heart. Make sure to do your back, hands, arms, underarms, and shoulders. Finish you dry brushing with a shower to help remove dead skin and toxins that have been loosened up during the process.

I find dry brushing is a wonderful way to connect with myself in the morning and a great way to wind down at night. I hope this has inspires you to add dry brushing to your daily routine.  

Warm wishes always,

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