Discover a Few of Cherry Blossom's Ingredients

Discover a Few of Cherry Blossom's Ingredients
Updated March 3, 2022

I have to admit that I had saved the remainder of a bottle of Cherry Blossom Botanical Perfume Oil from last spring. Over the winter, whenever the cold was getting to me, I would open this bottle up and breathe it in. Just for a moment, it was spring again.  This ritual kept my spirits up and gave me something to look forward to after the holidays.
To touch briefly on what aromatherapy actually is: aromatherapy is the art and science of using naturally extracted botanical essences to create a balanced and harmonious body, mind, and spirit.
Cherry Blossom, our ltd. edition spring fragrance collection, not only smells gorgeous, but is aromatical theraputic in promotion feelinfs of renewal. When I created the blend, I wanted to capture the  joy we all feel once the spring begins. Following are a few of the main ingredients that makes this blend so special.
Amayori Cherry Blossom 3
Tuberose Enfleurage (Columbia): Tuberose is a rare and precious oil that is usually reserved for only the finest perfumes. Our tuberose has been extracted thought a method called enfleurage - a costly and time consuming method that is rarely used anymore. I love the gorgeous, rich, floral scent this method produces and wouldn’t have it any other way. In aromatherapy tuberose expresses vibrant happiness and a positive mood. In addition it is used to promote euphoria and aid in meditation.
Davana (India): A rich, tenacious, fruity herb that is used often in fine perfumes. Davana counteracts feelings of depression and helps calm anger. A mystifying and alluring oil, Davana helps bring about inner peace and creates clarity.
Amayori Cherry Blossom 4
Jasmine Grandiflorum (India): Beautiful jasmine…… This is my absolute favorite oil in the world. Jasmine brings about feelings of happiness and allows us to break through emotional blocks. A scent that is loved by both men and women, jasmine is also an aphrodisiac. Jasmine always makes me feel beautiful and is used in many of Amayori’s fragrances. It really is too gorgeous for words.
Australian Sandalwood (Australia): A soft and woody base note that helps gives Cherry Blossom its rich undertone. Sandalwood is used in many eastern traditions in mediation and is excellent for focusing and calming the mind. I love the peaceful feeling it brings about and reach for it throughout the day.
Benzoin (Laos): I am in love with the warm, rich, sensuous as silk, vanilla and almond notes of benzoin. On an emotional level, benzoin, a resin, is grounding and is associated with the root chakra.

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