The Best Books on Japanese Bathing Culture

The Best Books on Japanese Bathing Culture


There is nothing like enjoying a good book before a soak. Here are my favorite books on Japanese bathing culture. Many of these may require a bit of a search, but I assure you that they are worth it.

  • The Way of the Japanese Bath by Mark Edward Harris: A stunning collection of black and white photos, this beautiful book is divided into three parts: outdoor bath, indoor bath, and after the bath. This is a must-have for any Japanese bath enthusiast.

  • Japan, A View from the Bath by Scott Clark: An anthropological study of bathing in Japan, this book compiles information from interviews and the author's own bathing experience. It is a detailed look at the different types of baths throughout Japan’s past and present.

It adds something to a bathing ritual to get inspired through books before bathing. All of the books above are wonderful ways to get in the zone while learning. Bit by bit, from a shower through after the bath, the goal is to let your worries slip away. Books open the door and help us on that journey.

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