A New, Beautiful Hinoki Onsen

Amayori Hinoki Onsen
Sometimes (usually) life shows you the way you need to go.
A few weeks ago I decided to do some fragrance blending late in the day on a Friday. I was tired and mixing fragrances, which requires ultra-precision, was probably not the best idea. Or maybe it was….
I was mixing a batch of the Hinoki Onsen when I realized to my dismay, that I had used the wrong Jasmine.
I use three different types of Jasmine oil in Amayori’s fragrances. There are all very different (and beautiful) and all have their place. Hinoki Onsen had contained Jasmine Grandiflorum which is a lush, sweet version of the flower. On this particular evening I accidentally used Jasmine Sambac which is much less sweet and has more of a crisp, clean fragrance.
At first I was so upset with myself – all of those precious oils gone to waste! Then, I stopped and smelled it. This new blend was in fact, magic.
The Jasmine Sambac and Japanese Hinoki Cypress essential oils mingled beautifully together. The fragrance hit me as similar but much more refined and sophisticated. I then added a touch of exotic Bois de Rose - an exotic wood from the Amazon rain forest that has a mystical woody, floral aroma. This oil has always reminded me of the mysterious old castles of Japan and added to the blends alluring Oriental accord. On top of that I added just a touch of delicious red mandarin.
I am proud to introduce a new, even more relaxing version of Hinoki Onsen. If you had been using this fragrance prior, be prepared for something more refined authentic, sophisticated, calming, and exotic. If you have never tried Hinoki Onsen, get ready to fall in love with this very special fragrance.
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