Discover the Most Luxurious Bath Salts In the World

Luxury Bath Salts, Amayori
We have gathered the finest ingredients from around the globe to bring you the ultimate at-home spa experience. Inspired by the nutrient-rich onsen hot springs of Japan, Amayori's Luxury Bath Salts are a 100% natural full-body treatment that will nourish and soothe the mind, body and spirit. Discover what makes our bath salts so special below.
Amayori Luxury Bath Salts, Dead Sea Salts
Dead Sea Salts, Israel Unrefined and therefore extremely high in minerals, Dead Sea salts are soothing and softening to the skin. They also soothe and relax the muscles.
Amayori Luxury Bath Salts, Pink Himalayan Salts
Pink Himalayan Salt, the Himalayan Mountains : Known for their beautiful pink to reddish hue. Soaking in Himalayan salts, which are rich in minerals, delivers nutrients to your cells in the form of “ions”, making these nutrients easier to absorb and use. Himalayan bath salts can improve the texture, tone and appearance of your skin, combat water retention, prevent sore muscles, help regulate sleep, and decrease tension and stress.
Amayori Luxury Bath Salts, Pacific Sea Salts
Pacific Sea Salts, Northern California Coast : Solar harvested from the majestic Pacific northwest coast. Soothing for muscle aches and pains.
Amayori Luxury Bath Salts, Green Te
Green Tea, China : Extremely high in antioxidants, green tea is anti-aging as it helps fight free radical damage. Soaking in a green tea infused bath is a perfect full-body anti-aging treatment.
Amayori Luxury Bath Salts, Organic Atlantic Sea Kelp
Organic Atlantic Sea Kelp, Northwestern Iceland : Detoxifying and rids the body of excess water.


Amayori Luxury Bath Salts

And that is just the beginning. All of these wonderful nutrient-rich ingredients act on their own but are even more beneficial when combined with Amayori’s aromatherapy fragrances.
Inspired by the bathing rituals of Japan, a soak in our Luxury Bath Salts is a way to take much needed time for yourself in the privacy of your own home, on your own time. Relax, forget about your cares for a moment and immerse yourself in this special full-body experience.
I firmly believe that taking a bath at home is one of the most special, healing things we can do for ourselves. Please join me in this special ritual.
Warm wishes,