An Autumn Meditation with Rotenburo Air

Rotenburo Air, Amayori

One of my favorite ways to appreciate autumn is by deep breathing with anything from the Rotenburo Air collection. This fragrance is wonderful for this time of year as it is a celebration of crisp clean air. The conifers in this fragrance, which include white pine and hemlock spruce, encourage deep breathing as does Omani white frankincense, which also encourages slow breathing.
The following meditation is inspired by shinrin yoku – the Japanese relaxation practice of “forest bathing”. Shinrin yoku involves venturing into the woods and experiencing it with all the senses. By being mindful and fully present, forest bathers experience stress reduction which has been proven in scientific studies throughout Japan.
Turn on our Rotenburo Air Playlist.
Take a moment to read the Rotenburo Air story printed on the slip of rice paper in each box, or refer to the collection page here:
Shut your eyes and visualize the photo above which is a gorgeous rotenburo bath in Japan. Or, if another image comes to mind, go with that. There are no rules here.
While using the Rotenburo Air product of your choice, walk yourself through the following sensory experience. Try slowly enjoying each sense one at a time, then all of them at once.
Sound: If you are listening to the Rotenburo Air Playlist, enjoy and absorb the nature sounds around you.
Smell: Linger in the Rotenburo Air Aromatic Experience. Breathe in the organic white pine, yuzu, and organic balsam fir. Notice how the fragrance feels when breathing in.
Sight: This is always fun. Assuming your eyes are shut, visualize yourself soaking in an open air rotenburo bath. Use the picture above as a starting point and allow your imagination to be free and creative.
Touch: This will depend on what product you are using, but the goal here is to feel whatever is close to you, be it fresh air, water from the shower hitting your skin, or the warmth of water from the bath.
Taste: I have always found there to be a gray area between taste and smell as they are connected in multiple ways. While you breathe in Rotenburo Air, try sensing it on the level of taste as well.
I love taking time for this meditation on weekends. It’s a great weekend treat when you have a little extra time. Spend as little or as much time as you can. Breathe deeply and enjoy.
Warm wishes,
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