The Amayori Sento — Autumn

A   J O U R N A L   O F   B E A U T Y

Experience Autumn in Japan at Home

I have been dreaming of Kyoto. After six months, I have been itching to travel, and autumn is, in my opinion, the most beautiful season in Japan. I’m sure most people who are reading this are longing for a bit of an adventure too. That got me thinking about ways we can travel from home and experience the beauty of autumn in Japan from anywhere in the world. Following are some autumn traditions from Japan that I am looking forward to in creating a splendid fall. Color Hunting: Called koyo in Japan, the changing leaves are perhaps the highlight of autumn. The term color hunting refers to time spent seeking out this stunning foliage. In Japan, people take trips to...

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An Autumn Meditation with Rotenburo Air

One of my favorite ways to appreciate autumn is by deep breathing with anything from the Rotenburo Air collection. This fragrance is wonderful for this time of year as it is a celebration of crisp clean air. The conifers in this fragrance, which include white pine and hemlock spruce, encourage deep breathing as does Omani white frankincense, which also encourages slow breathing. The following meditation is inspired by shinrin yoku – the Japanese relaxation practice of “forest bathing”. Shinrin yoku involves venturing into the woods and experiencing it with all the senses. By being mindful and fully present, forest bathers experience stress reduction which has been proven in scientific studies throughout Japan. Turn on our Rotenburo Air Playlist. Take a...

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The Beauty Of Getting Rid Of Things

I have always considered myself a minimalist. Aside from a few candles, I've never had more then a couple of knickknacks. I have always prided myself on being streamlined and have applied this philosophy to all aspects of my life. Accept one - clothing. I used to have a rule of thumb: never throw away cashmere. I started accumulating cashmere sweaters 20 years ago and took them with me from apartment to apartment throughout Manhattan, to San Francisco, Connecticut, and back to Manhattan again. Oddly enough, I only wore about five of them. They were a burden in New York where closet space is almost always limited. I recently read something to the effect of how there are two reasons...

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An Autumn Meditation For Change and Transformation

In the past few journal entries I have mentioned autumn being a season of changed. Just a quick recap: In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the element associated with autumn is metal and the principal organ associated with autumn and metal are the lungs. It is thought that working on the lungs and balancing the metal element will bring about change and transformation. After the fall equinox I began meditating while using aromatherapy to open the lungs. Using fragrance as a catalyst, I have been taking time every day to focus on the lung area and breathing deeply and I am experience change faster than I can even imagine (more on that soon). I know that the reason for all of these changes...

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What to Do When You Feel Slow and Sluggish This Autumn

If you’ve noticed a drop in your energy over the past few weeks you aren’t alone. It’s not just the cooler temperatures that make us want to curl up in bed with a book all day. In Traditional Chinese Medicine autumn is recognized as a time for gathering. The time of day associated with autumn is evening - a time of reflection. The element associated with autumn is Metal which is associated with the urge to interact with others but the need to maintain distance.  Rather than fight against what is natural, embrace this beautiful season and be in harmony with the earth and its energy.  Take a step back. This is a time to nurture yourself and prepare for...

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