Autumn Transitions: Letting Go & Being Open To Change

The Amayori Sento, Our Journal, Letting Go & Being Open to Change

Autumn has a special place in everyone’s heart. I think it goes back to the “back to school” season. There is just something about it – you can feel a shift in the energy of the universe. Spiritually, autumn is about change, letting go, transformation and learning the lesson of impermanence. Leaves turn beautiful colors and we savor this beauty. But eventually like all things in life, we have to let it go. And so, life goes on.  

I may be about to make a huge change in my life. More on that as it unfolds. I realized recently that I have been in a bit of a personal rut. For a while I was digging my heels into the ground not wanting to let go of certain ideas or thought patterns I had. I insisted that I would make things work the way I had planned them. I was filled with an inner struggle that was exhausting to say the least.

This exhaustion which was both physical and mental led to the creation of Rotenburo Air. I had been repeating the same patterns over and over and expecting different results – the definition of insanity. By the middle of the summer I felt depleted and lethargic. I had made up the fragrance based on oils my body, mind, and spirit where craving. When I took my first bath with Rotenburo Air it’s as if my entire being was quenched and revived. Until that moment I had no idea how exhausted I had become. I used this fragrance day after day envisioning myself bathing outdoors and filling myself with the beauty of clean air and nature. I began to feel better and my life started to shift. This was a very important lesson for me:

When we give ourselves mental space to breathe, we allow room for change to come in.

On the day of the autumn equinox I decided to be open to change and the opportunities that where being presented to me. The second I decided to be open and bend with the wind I felt my heart open up and I knew I was on the right path. I experienced a huge emotional relief by not holding on to my expectations and appreciating what was in front of me.

Step #1 of transformation is to let go of our old patterns of thinking that are no longer working.

Look at what isn't working in your life. Have you been approaching something the same way over and over? Let it go. Ask yourself: what things in your life are no longer serving you? Where are you getting stuck? What thought patterns are holding you back? How can you go about things differently? This is not easy as change is uncomfortable. Step out of your comfort zone and go within. Look at the lessons you've learned from your old approach and create a new way.

Step # 2: Raise your standards.

As you do this your life will rise along with you. This works in all aspects of our lives – work, personal, and physical. Don't think that anything is unrealistic. We all get what we settle for. Always expect the best for yourself. Insist on it.

Please join me this autumn on a path of transformation and change.  If you're open to sharing I would love to hear your thoughts below. I am so excited to see what changes this season will bring. As always, thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me on my journey.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this autumn series, coming soon.

Warmest wishes,
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