Rejuvenate With Rotenburo Air: Ingredients to Discover

Rotenburo Air is comprised of so many gorgeous essential oils. A bright, happy, fresh fragrance, it captures the expansive and reviving feeling of a deep breath of fresh mountain air. The fragrance is inspired by a soak in a beautiful outdoor bath among the hills of Japan's beautiful countryside.
From an aromatherapy standpoint, this fragrance will rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. Use this fragrance collection when you need to feel replenished. This is the perfect go-to fragrance for when you need to quench you tired body and mind. I also like to use Rotenburo Air to reset myself when I feel "off". It always gets me to where I need to be.
Below is a small selection of some of my favorite oils in the blend.
Amayori Rotenburo Air 2

Yuzu Essential Oil (Japan, Farmed): Cold pressed from the peel of the fruit, yuzu is a sophisticated citrus that smells somewhat like a cross between lemon, grapefruit and lime. It is used to relive nervous tension stress and anxiety. Interesting fact: Yuzu is used in Shinto rituals for purification before prayer.

Amayori Rotenburo Air

White Pine Essential Oil (Canada, Organic): Clearing, revitalizing, and energetically expansive. White pine essential oil calms anxious thoughts and opens the mind. Interesting fact: White pine is known to native Americans as the “tree of peace”.

Wild Orange Essential Oil (Dominican Republic, Wild Crafted): I have never met a person who does not love this oil. Very different than farmed orange essential oil, this oil is from wild orange trees. This means that the fragrance has not been tamed by years of farming. The scent is mouth-watering, lush, full, bright and alive. Wild orange uplifts, revitalizes and rejuvenates. It quenches the spirit and invigorates. Wild orange promotes happiness and joy. It relives nervous tension, depression and stress. Interesting fact: Wild orange was brought to what is now the Dominican Republic and Haiti by Christopher Columbus.

Monarda Essential Oil (Farmed, Canada): Monarda imparts a soft femininity without being a strong floral. Monarda is used to ease nervous tension and relieve stress. It is anti-anxiety, antibacterial, anti-convulsant, antidepressant, and a sedative. Interesting Fact: Also known as “bee balm”, monarda is excellent for bee stings. It is high in a chemical compound called geraniol, which makes it wonderful for fighting infections and healing cuts and scrapes.

Amayori Rotenburo air

Frankincense Essential Oil (Oman, Wild Crafted): We use the finest white frankincense from Oman. Frankincense essential oil is distilled from an oleo-gum resin that forms on wild frankincense trees after small incisions have been made. The resin is then removed and steam distilled. Frankincense has the ability to relax and at the same time revitalize. It is used to treat both nervous tension and exhaustion. Frankincense aids in meditation and contemplation.  It eases the mind and ceases mental chatter. Frankincense has the ability to slow the heart and deepen the breath. Interesting fact: In ancient Egypt women would burn and char frankincense resin. This was ground into black powder or, kohl, and was used to line the eyes and darken the eyelids.

I am so excited for you to experience this special fragrance. I have found it to be so healing, comforting and soul quenching. Stay tuned - 10/5 is just a short while away.

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