Cool Off With This Summer Ritual

Cool Off With This Summer Ritual

For most of us, the summer heat is in full swing and it seems almost impossible to step out of the humidity. Here at the Amayori loft, we have a summer treat that is too amazing not to share. I also love to do this at home, especially after a day outside in the sun.

Stepping out of the heat is really a two part process. There is the physical sensation of cooling down and there is also the mental or emotional aspect of allowing yourself the space and time to let your thoughts cool off. Many of Japan’s traditional homes are not equipped with air conditioning, and so surrounding oneself with cooling foods, drinks, fabrics and even design elements such as wind chimes, all contribute to feeling pleasant and comfortable.

Amayori, Kasumi Body Essence

For a beautiful, mindful, cooling experience, take your bottle of Kasumi body essence and store it in the refrigerator. When you need to cool off after a hot day, or you just need to step out of your day-to-day for a break, take the bottle, shake gently, and mist the collarbone, back of the neck, shoulders and arms. This cooling mist will bring instant relief to your skin. While you are misting, envision a fine mist hovering over one of Japan’s beautiful hot springs in the early morning. Allow your soul to be transported while you enjoy the feeling of mist on the skin and the transformational fragrances of Japan. Take a moment to breathe deeply with the intention of cooling off.

One of the many things Japanese culture has taught me is to embrace each season for its distinct beauty. I keep telling myself that it’s important to experience the heat and be present. It’s just one of the many parts of the beautiful season of summer.

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