Taking Care: Nurture the Body, Nurture the Soul

Taking Care: Nurture the Body, Nurture the Soul

Think about a busy morning. There are certain things that we do without fail before beginning our day. Some of these things include brushing our teeth, taking a shower, applying face care products, etc. One of the areas that often gets put aside when we have less time is our bodies.

In my late 20’s, I shared an apartment with a woman who was the quintessential California girl. She was “all-American,” pretty and natural. She always looked fresh and glowed with happiness when she smiled. We were living in San Francisco, which is usually overcast and chilly, so were thrilled to visit her family in a warmer part of California for a chance to go swimming. When we got to the pool, she revealed extensive sun damage all over her decolletage area and upper torso which didn’t match up with the image of the vibrant young woman I was familiar with. At that moment I knew that body care was just as important as face care. I realized the importance of caring for the parts of the body that people don’t see everyday – not for the sake of others, but out of respect for myself and the body I was given. The skin of the body makes up 95% of the skin’s surface area. I want my skin (all of it) to match my personality. I don’t want it to look older than I feel.

I find the more time goes on, the closer to myself I become. I focus more on things that people can’t see. This means taking care of my mental and spiritual health, taking care of my body through diet and exercise, and taking care of the skin of my body with the same level of care and attention to detail that I use for my face.

Healthy skin doesn’t have to be age-specific, and skincare shouldn’t stop at the neck.

I stay away from words like “anti-aging” in Amayori’s products because I feel they take us away from who we are. That said, we all want radiant skin.  Our chests, shoulders, arms, hands, elbows, legs, abdomens… these are all body parts with curves and lines that are graceful and beautiful. To ignore them, even on a busy day, is being disrespectful to ourselves.

What if you treated the skin of your body with the same dedication and care that you apply to your face care routine? Imagine the connection to yourself that would begin to grow. The act of connecting to your skin and your body on a daily basis is life-changing.

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Japanese beauty has always emphasized a holistic approach to inner and outer beauty. Many time-honored Japanese skincare ingredients also play an important role in Japanese diet and wellness. In following this tradition, we recently launched Kasumi: An Aromatic Sake Body Essence. This mist is the missing piece in our body care routines. Made with some of Japan’s most incredible botanicals, Kasumi is a way to stop and create space for yourself to really pamper your body’s skin in a beautiful, ritualistic way. Using this mist after a bath or shower is a love letter to the body’s skin and a love letter to ourselves. It reads something like this: “Just because others can’t see you, doesn’t mean I won’t nurture you with utmost care. You are that important to me. You have carried me throughout my life and will be with me forever. This extra touch of self-care is my way of saying thank you.”

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