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Luxury Bath Salts Amayori

The word “detox” is extremely popular these days. Detoxification can be done in many forms such as going on a dietary cleanse, using specific herbs and teas, juice fasting, and so on. An easy, effortless, and enjoyable way to detox is through bathing. When we bathe our body temperature rises which prompts the body to perspire. This process releases stored toxins. When you combine this with ingredients that further the process, you have a very powerful detoxifying experience.

Amayori’s Luxury Bath Salts not only provide an aromatic relaxing bath, but are duly designed to be a strong detoxifying soak. Following are a few key ingredients that make Luxury Baths Salts more than your average bath:

To start, we use three different salts from around the world. All are mineral rich and reduce excess water.

Dead Sea Salts, Israel Unrefined and therefor extremely high in minerals, Dead Sea salts are soothing and softening to the skin. They also soothe and relax the muscles, and release excess fluids from the body.

Pink Himalayan Salt, the Himalayan Mountains : Known for their beautiful pink to reddish hue. Soaking in a Himalayan salts, which are rich the minerals, delivers nutrients to your cells in the form of “ions”, making these nutrients easier to absorb and use. Himalayan bath salts can improve the texture, tone and appearance of your skin, combat water retention, prevent sore muscles, help regulate sleep, and decrease tension and stress.

Pacific Sea Salts, Northern California Coast : Solar harvested from the majestic Pacific northwest coast. Soothing for muscle aches and pains. In addition, excess water is released.

Another ingredient that make this soak so special when it comes to detoxification is organic Atlantic kelp. When combined with warm water kelp is extremely cleansing and rids the body if excess water.


Here are my tips when using Luxury Bath Salts as a detox:

-Dry brush first to rid the body of dead skin cells. This will allow toxins to exit the body easier and increase lymphatic flow.

-Shower before the bath.

-Go as hot as you can. Don't be uncomfortable, of course, but make the water as hot as you can tolerate.

-During your soak you will get thirsty. Keep a large cool class of water close by. And be sure to drink lots of water afterwards.

-Before getting out of the bath do a cool (or tepid) rinse of the body. This will insure that any toxins that came out on the skin are washed down the drain.

You can use Amayori’s Luxury Bath Salts as desired. I like to take a soak after a day of overindulgence. The detoxifying action gets rid of that heavy feeling.

If you would like to take a more aggressive approach (this is perfect for the coming spring season), try taking a bath every other day. This will have an extremely strong detoxifying effect on the body. If you do this, eat healthy and cut out alcohol and sugar. Drink tons of water too. I find that when I begin to detox, healthy choices come naturally.

I hope you see our bath salts an easy, pleasant way to detoxify. I have always believed in detoxing once a year and late winter / early spring is the perfect time to do it.


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