Step Inside the World of the Geisha

The Geisha Ritual, Amayori

There is something mesmerizing about geisha. Not only are they physically beautiful, but they are confident, talented, gracious, and exude an otherworldly quality that an outsider can only wonder about.
When I was lucky enough to meet a maiko (geisha trainee) in Gion, I was taken aback by how regimented her life was. She was 100% dedicated to carrying on the traditional Japanese arts. As she spoke, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Between her beautiful, exotic lifestyle, the stunning kimono, and the elegantly perfect painted face, I was enthralled.
Geisha take time to nurture themselves. They are performers and hostesses who spend their evenings satisfying others. Their bathing rituals are an important part of their life. I was told by a Tokyo geisha that she always winds down at the end of the night with a long bath to reconnect with herself. This notion of self-care is the inspiration being The Geisha Ritual. This fragrance captures the beauty, seductiveness, and mystery of the geisha world. Jasmine grandiflorum pulls one in with its intoxicating fragrance, bergamot, a feel-good oil, is emotionally soothing and is always there to help us feel confident and balanced. The rich sent of vetiver grounds us – geisha are not dummies – when you speak to one you know that she is aware of her charms.
This fragrance is my go-to for any date night. It’s how I get ready and slip into the realm of enjoyment and pleasure, leaving my cares behind. I love misting myself with The Geisha Ritual Aromatic Sake Mist before getting dressed, or massaging silky smooth Hikaru Multi-Use Oil on my body and through my hair after a shower. The Geisha Ritual Aromatherapy Perfume Oil is a must before going out.
This is the perfect fragrance to get ready with on Valentine’s Day. Take time with this special fragrance and nurture yourself inside and out. There is nothing more attractive than a woman who is calm, relaxed, confident and happy. Make The Geisha Ritual your ritual and step inside the elusive world of the exotic geisha.
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