An Easy Three Minute Meditation

Amayori Home Essence

For some people, committing to a daily meditation practice can be daunting. Try starting with once a week for three minutes - we all can do this no matter how busy we are!
Start with fragrance. I love to diffuse Ambrosial Ofuro Home Essence while meditating in the morning. It reminds me of the Buddhist temples of Kyoto.
Shut your eyes. Sit in a comfortable position with a straight spine and your chest opened (shoulders down and slightly back, chin tucked in). Breathe deeply while focusing on your heart. Picture light beaming from your heart on the exhale and your heart pulling light in on the inhale. Let this light grow larger as you go along. Whenever thoughts pop up, (this is normal in meditation) don't fight them. Just go back to focusing on the light and your heart center. Continue for three minutes or longer. 
Before you open your eyes, stop and be in the moment. Here the noise around you, smell the scents, feel the air surrounding your body. Be here now.
I hope this brings a moment of Zen to your day. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and a beautiful week ahead.
Warm wishes,


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