Relax & Refresh: Kyoto Summer's Key Ingredients

I am so excited for you to experience our limited edition summer fragrance, Kyoto Summer. Fresh and clean with a touch of mystery that Kyoto is known for, this is an aromatic experience that will make summer even more special. This 100% natural blend will help you relax as well as keep you cool and refreshed during the summer heat.
Below are a handful of Kyoto Summer's key ingredients.

Lemon Verbena (Morocco): Brilliant and fresh, lemon verbena essential oil will awaken the mind and spirit. Lemon verbena is relaxing and is a natural sedative. At the same time, it is uplifting, will brighten your mood, and bring about mental clarity.

Amayori Okinawa Organic Lemongrass

Organic Lemongrass (Sri Lanka): I love to include lemongrass in Amayori's summer fragrances. There is something casual and happy about it's refreshing scent. In addition, lemon grass has the added benefit of keeping summer pests away. I also find it a wonderful antidote to the summer heat. Lemongrass has a calming effect and is used to help with nervous conditions. It is also uplifting and is used to fight depression.
Benzoin (Laos): I am in love with the warm, rich, sensuous as silk, vanilla and almond notes of benzoin. On an emotional level, benzoin, a resin, is grounding and is associated with the root chakra. It is also used by aromatherapist to promote happiness and emotional contentment.

Lavender Maillette (France): Most people know about lavender's wonderful calming effects. The lavender I have chosen for Kyoto Summer is extra special. The distinct aroma of Lavender Maillette – a clonal variety of Lavandula angustifolia that will not reproduce by seed – can be attributed to a very low camphor content. It's scent is noticeably sweeter than most Lavenders and its clear, crystalline fragrance makes it a favorite choice in high-end perfumery. As is the case with lemongrass, lavender is a natural insect repellent and is wonderful to wear during summer.
Petitgrain Sur Fleurs (Egypt): Petitgrain sur Fleurs essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves, twigs, and blossoms of a specific evergreen tree that also provides five other oils including exotic neroli oil. Intoxicating, petitgrain sur fleur reduces anxiety and calms the mind. This oil adds a fresh, breeze like quality to Kyoto Summer.
I hope you love the aromatic experience of Kyoto Summer as much as I do. Stay tuned all summer long as we explore Kyoto's many summer traditions. 
Warm wishes,
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