Kyoto Summer

Relax & Refresh

Summer 2017

Experience: Evoke a journey to an exotic summer in Kyoto. Refreshment, relaxation, calm, and reprieve from summer heat. 

Fragrance Type: Fresh-Citrus, Oriental

Kyoto’s residents have an elegant, calm way of adapting to Kyoto’s notoriously hot, humid summers. Perhaps the most obvious is the graceful women who seem to effortless glide along cobblestone streets in gorgeous lightweight summer kimono. They move as if they are unfazed by the heat. Many carry a parasol or a hand fan tucked into the obi sash of their kimono.

In Kyoto, formality and salutations are an essential part of each day. During summer, it is not uncommon to see women, many of which are geisha, chatting and taking reprieve from the heat in the shade of a tea house, café, or on traditional Japanese porch overlooking a zen garden.

Perhaps this elegant approach to summer comes from a slow, almost floating pace. Throughout the city, you will see cold green tea being served as well as Kyoto’s famous chilled summer sweets. The entire city exudes a feeling of calm, refined relaxation.

Stay refreshed and relaxed this season with Kyoto Summer. Sparkling lemon verbena will revive you while crystalline lavender maillette will calm your mind. Petitgrain sur fleurs lends a refreshing breeze-like quality. Soft, subtle vanilla and ylang ylang notes add a touch of exotic mystery Kyoto is known for.

Take a journey this season and experience the beauty and magic of a Kyoto Summer.