The Amayori Sento — Kyoto Summer

A   J O U R N A L   O F   B E A U T Y

How to Take a Relaxing Summer Nap

I love a nice weekend nap during any season, but there is something especially languorous and deeply relaxing about a summer nap. They are wonderful for replenishing the body and mind after a day in the hot sun. A late afternoon summer nap allows us to wind down and refresh ourselves which prepares us for a fun summer evening. When I get home after being out in the sun I will always take a shower. Before taking a nap, I will drink a large glass of water. Sometimes it’s hard to notice how dehydrated the sun makes us. Drinking a glass of water before a nap will help you wake up easier. I find if I don’t do this, I...

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Using Visualization to Stay Cool

One of the things that I love about summer in Kyoto is the summer motifs that seem to be everywhere. Patterns of water, waves, dragonflies and even burst of fireworks appear on everything from tableware to kimono. Colors that are light and refreshing are used for everything from chilled sweets to hand fans. Not only is this done for aesthetics, but it is believed that looking at these summer based motifs and can actually help you feel cooler.  Kyoto is home to some of Japan's most esteemed geisha. You will never see a geisha sweat. It's almost as if they are beyond it. They have a calm, collected way of dealing with the heat. They don't let the heat take over them,...

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How to Take a Summer Bath - 2017

If you have been with Amayori for a while you know that every summer I write about one of my favorite things – the art of the summer bath.  Summer bathing can have a cooling, rejuvenating effect on the body and mind. Every year I seem to discover little tips and tricks that make the experience even more special and as always, I love to share these tips with you. Japan has a tradition of something called yusuzumi, which translates to “enjoying the cool of the evening after a hot summer day”. The experience of creating your own yusuzumi ritual is such a special treat and something to look forward to all year long. Here is my summer 2017 yusuzumi...

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A Kyoto Summer Journey Part 1: A Summer Incense Tradition

Welcome to the first part in our Kyoto Summer Journey series. Today’s topic is the Japanese incense mosquito coil or, katori senkō . Since the 19th century, incense coils have been fixtures in homes and on the porches of Kyoto during summertime. Just seeing one will bring to mind memories for most Japanese and for many, nothing says summer like the scent of a lit coil burning in the summer air. Not only are summer incense coils aesthetically pleasing, but they contain ingredients that keeps summer pests away. Many homes in Kyoto are in the traditional Japanese style. That means no screens on the windows or air conditioning. Porches are used to stay cool and time is spent relaxing in the...

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Relax & Refresh: Kyoto Summer's Key Ingredients

I am so excited for you to experience our limited edition summer fragrance, Kyoto Summer. Fresh and clean with a touch of mystery that Kyoto is known for, this is an aromatic experience that will make summer even more special. This 100% natural blend will help you relax as well as keep you cool and refreshed during the summer heat. Below are a handful of Kyoto Summer's key ingredients. Lemon Verbena (Morocco): Brilliant and fresh, lemon verbena essential oil will awaken the mind and spirit. Lemon verbena is relaxing and is a natural sedative. At the same time, it is uplifting, will brighten your mood, and bring about mental clarity. Organic Lemongrass (Sri Lanka): I love to include lemongrass in Amayori's summer...

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