Getting Rid Of Negative Energy

Amayori Sento

After watching the presidential debate other night, I could feel how deeply I was effected by the negativity. Though I believe it is very important to try to surround yourself with positivity and avoid strife, to do so all the time would be putting yourself in a bubble. Tension and disagreements are a part of life.

Following are a few things you can do to clear yourself of negative energy whether it be from a personal interaction, the media, or just a bad mood. Choose one or more of these and keep going until your feel better.

Stop: Stop what you are doing and feel your feet rooted to the ground. Take yourself out of the negative space by breathing in and realizing that you can change how you feel. Be with yourself and acknowledge your intention to heighten your emotions.

Sage: A Native American tradition, burning sage, or smudging, is something I couldn’t live without. I usually pull off a dried leaf from a sage wand, light it, and breathe deeply. It is believed that burning sage cleanses your energy and the energy around you. You can also sweep the smoke over your head and envision your entire aura being cleansed. You can find sage wands at most health food stores and yoga shops.

Dry Brush: Dry brushing has many benefits. In the case of clearing negative emotions, the energetics of brushing off and away the past is a powerfully healing tool. Take your time and do this with intention.

Shower: Water on the skin not only washes away dirt and germs, but a good shower washes away the cares of the day. You can literally feel the negativity and concerns go down the drain. Again take time to do this with intention and make it special. Incorporate aromatherapy such as Shower Mochi or our Luxury Body Wash and let this be a healing ritual.  

Be with Nature: If you have done all of the above and you still need a little something extra, go on a walk, or jump in your car and head to the nearest body of water or go somewhere with a beautiful natural view. Seeing nature and admiring it reminds us that there is something larger than ourselves.

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