An Autumn Meditation For Change and Transformation

An Autumn Meditation For Change and Transformation

In the past few journal entries I have mentioned autumn being a season of changed.

Just a quick recap: In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the element associated with autumn is metal and the principal organ associated with autumn and metal are the lungs. It is thought that working on the lungs and balancing the metal element will bring about change and transformation.

After the fall equinox I began meditating while using aromatherapy to open the lungs. Using fragrance as a catalyst, I have been taking time every day to focus on the lung area and breathing deeply and I am experience change faster than I can even imagine (more on that soon). I know that the reason for all of these changes is my daily practice of opening my lungs and therefor opening myself to new possibilities.

I have always thought that meditation should be fun and easy. We are busy people and our minds are filled with chatter. When you try meditating, don’t feel guilty if thoughts keep popping up. Just diffuse them and bring yourself back into focus. I have studied various types of meditation over the years and would say one of my biggest influences was my Kundalini yoga teacher training. I have combined some of these principles with other techniques and now practice a meditative mix that is simple, fast, and enjoyable. Following is my meditation for autumn transformation and change.

Music: Turn on relaxing music if you’d like. This isn’t necessary but is very helpful to create a sacred space. Some of my favorites a Snatam Kaur or any Native American flute music. Pick what helps you feel calm.

Sit: Find a comfortable position. Ideally sit cross legged but anything where your spine is straight is fine. Make sure your chin is tucked down. Be comfortable.

Hand Position / Mudra: Place your hands  on your knees in Guyan mudra as shown in the photo above. This hand position or, mudra (gesture), brings receptivity and calm.

Aromatherapy: Rotenburo Air Aromatic Sake Mist is perfect for this mediation. The white pine, balsam fir and hemlock spruce open the lungs while frankincense encourages deep breathing. These oils all share metal as their main element. Alternatively, you can use an essential oil that opens the lungs such as cypress or pine in a diffuser. If you are pressed for time or find it hard to find privacy, you can always try this standing in the shower using Rotenburo Air Shower Mochi 

Begin: Shut the eyes and begin to take full, deep breaths. Allow yourself to open up to the fragrance around you. Take your time with each precious breath and feel every cell fill up with life giving oxygen.

The Visualization: As you breath, visualize a radiant white light expanding from your chest on the exhale. One the inhale pull it back in. Continue here for three minutes or longer if you’d like.

Finish: Take one last deep inhale and briefly hold the breath while you envision yourself surrounded by white light. Exhale and repeat three times. Open your eyes and take a moment to feel the changes in your body and spirit.

Try committing to doing this every day until winter and see how life unfolds and what changes come your way. If you have something specific you would like to change, do this meditation with the intention of being open to new possibilities in this area of your life.

More on my changes in the upcoming weeks. They are huge and I can't wait to share them with you.

Enjoy and be well.

Warm wishes,

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