The Beauty Of Getting Rid Of Things

I have always considered myself a minimalist. Aside from a few candles, I've never had more then a couple of knickknacks. I have always prided myself on being streamlined and have applied this philosophy to all aspects of my life. Accept one - clothing.

I used to have a rule of thumb: never throw away cashmere. I started accumulating cashmere sweaters 20 years ago and took them with me from apartment to apartment throughout Manhattan, to San Francisco, Connecticut, and back to Manhattan again. Oddly enough, I only wore about five of them. They were a burden in New York where closet space is almost always limited.

I recently read something to the effect of how there are two reasons we don't throw things away: holding on to the past or because of a fear of the future. When I gave it some thought a few months ago, I knew I was holding on to these sweaters because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to buy them again. Doing this was sending a mixed message to the universe. Instead of sending out confidence, positivity and security, I was coming from a place of lack.
So, early this autumn when I was switching my closet from summer to fall, I made a scary but important choice. I got rid of all of my sweaters (except the five that I wear) in one swoop. In fact, I took a look at my entire wardrobe and if something didn't make me happy for whatever reason, out it went. I can't tell you how amazing this felt and still continues to feel. Suddenly I don't have closet space issues, but more important is that I feel lighter, unburdened, and spiritually free. 
Nature abhors a vacuum - meaning, that when you make space, the universe will fill it with something. And that it did for me. Suddenly things I had been trying to manifest for months began coming my way. And in equally big news, my partner and I are about to make a huge change - moving. I haven't left New York in over ten years but an opportunity came up that our gut instincts are telling us to take. 
Getting rid of things you really don't need is life-changing. This is the perfect time of year to do it. Do it swiftly and watch the magic of transformation take hold. Sometimes it really is scary to part with possessions but let your desire for something better override that fear. The more you can let go of, the more the universe will reward you with new things.
I hope this encourages you to take that leap and clear your clutter. I promise you that the rewards are amazing. And if I can get rid of all that cashmere and survive, you can do it to. 

Warm wishes,
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