Nurture, Empower, and Relax with a Weekly Ritual

"Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel." - Eleanor Brown

As women, we are constantly extending ourselves to others. We all wear many hats. By nature, we excel at multi-tasking and often take on more than expected because we can. It is well within our capabilities to rise to any occasion.

Taking time for yourself each week is essential to living a balanced life. There is nothing selfish about it. Blocking out an hour of time every week allows us much needed time to breath, stop, and relax. 

If you feel you can’t create the time to relax once a week then it’s time to start setting boundaries. There is power in saying “no”. If you can’t take the time to properly nurture yourself, you will not be able to give fully to others.

I have always loved a Sunday evening bathing ritual. Not only is it a great way to end the week but it sets the tone for the week ahead. This is time to look back at the past week and check in to see where I need to focus. It is also a time to let go. Having this predetermined time is something I look forward to all week long - somewhat like a mini vacation. No matter how busy my week gets, I know I have my Sunday bath.

One of the main philosophies behind Amayori is that women should have the tools they need to nurture themselves and relax at home. Self-pampering need not be a rare excursion to a spa or something we need to wait for until a holiday. Self-care is something that we can all do in the privacy and convenience of our own homes. Our homes should be our sanctuaries. Look inward instead of outward for the solace that you seek. Create the environment that allows you to decompress.

This philosophy is the pillar behind our Japanese Bathing Ritual Sets. In these sets, you will find everything you need for a complete aromatherapy spa treatment from start to finish. Go at your own pace with these a make them your personal rituals. Add what makes you feel at-ease; music, a glass of wine, tea, a candle…… This is your time. We have now gathered these treasures into our carefully curated Japanese Spa At Home Collection.

I hope this has inspired you to create a weekly at-home bathing ritual. If you ever need guidance in creating a ritual that fits your lifestyle, you can always email us at .

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