Remaining Calm & Mindful During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is officially in full swing. I have always loved the magic and excitement of this time of year – it is filled with joy and tradition. That said, most of us will find ourselves running around gift shopping, eating foods we normal would stay away from, skipping the gym, and probably drinking more alcohol than usual. Life is here to be enjoyed. To counteract the lack of routine during the holidays, it pays to make a little bit of extra effort to keep your body and mind in balance. By doing a few simple things we can avoid fatigue and physical and mental burnout.

Commit to Three Minutes a Day: We all have three minutes a day we can spare to practice mindfulness. Commit to three minutes to do whatever makes you feel good and centered. Try doing this as soon as you wake up. Allow yourself to experience gratitude and set your intentions and goals for the short and long term. Breath a few deep breaths. Do this every single day and let it be your mental sanctuary.

Green Juice: Freshly squeezed green juice helps us feel alive and cleans the system. When ever I feel sluggish, or, after a night of over-indulging, I will go to my local juice shop and order all-greens (spinach, kale, etc.), one carrot, and tons of ginger and lemon. This always gets me back on track, gives me the fresh vegetables that I need, and the ginger and lemon work on detoxification.

Moisturize: Treat your body right and be sure to take a few extra minutes to moisturize your skin each day. I make a self-massage with Hikaru Multi-Use Oil the focal point of my morning body care routine. Your skin needs this moisture. But also, the act of smoothing gorgeous aromatherapy fragrance on your body is calming and healing.

Breathe Deeply and Enjoy the Crisp Air: Take advantage of this last month of cool (but not freezing) weather. Breathe in and smell the crisp clean air. If you’re lucky, you may catch a hint of a fireplace or some other holiday season sensorial treat. Be in the moment and enjoy this special time of year.

Have a Go-To Aromatherapy Treatment for Stress: This is fast and effortless. I always carry Amayori’s Ambrosial Ofuro Aromatherapy Perfume Oil in my bag. I use it as needed to stay calm and relaxed. Just a few rolls of the cooling metal applicator on the pulse points and a few deep breaths are all you need to enjoy the relaxing benefits of aromatherapy.

I hope you are as excited about this time of year as I am. I am looking forward to sharing tons of holiday joy with you. Stay tuned for special announcements and just wait until you see what is coming next year!

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