The Amayori Sento — Bathing

A   J O U R N A L   O F   B E A U T Y

Experience Autumn in Japan at Home

I have been dreaming of Kyoto. After six months, I have been itching to travel, and autumn is, in my opinion, the most beautiful season in Japan. I’m sure most people who are reading this are longing for a bit of an adventure too. That got me thinking about ways we can travel from home and experience the beauty of autumn in Japan from anywhere in the world. Following are some autumn traditions from Japan that I am looking forward to in creating a splendid fall. Color Hunting: Called koyo in Japan, the changing leaves are perhaps the highlight of autumn. The term color hunting refers to time spent seeking out this stunning foliage. In Japan, people take trips to...

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A Peek Inside a Japanese Bathhouse

Walk into any bathhouse in Japan, and you are sure to find the same basic things, whether you are bathing at a Tokyo sento or a remote rural onsen.  Men’s and women’s baths are almost always separated. Each side is separated by a door or a noren curtain. When you first walk in, there are lockers or baskets so that you may stow your personal belongings. Since bathing is always done in the nude, you will also need to store your clothing or yukata (a cotton kimono often worn around Japan’s hot spring towns). This storage area is usually separate from the washing area. Next is the washing area. In Japan, washing is always done before soaking and is considered...

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Taking a Bath, Made Easy

  While I was on vacation last month I had a conversation with someone that bought back a lot of memories. We had been discussing bathing, and the woman I was speaking with mentioned how daunting taking a bath seems at times. You have to clean the bath, wait for it to fill up…….. Next week Amayori is launching a brand new dry oil for the bath. This oil is so amazingly luscious – you won’t want to miss this one. On that note, I wanted to give my tips on preparing a bath that will make the process go from daunting to easy. Realize that preparing a bath only takes a few minutes of your time. Is it worth...

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Enjoying an Evening Alone

I love my husband. He is my best friend in the world and I enjoy every moment we spend together. That said, when he's traveling, I do enjoy (and even look forward to) my alone time.  Following is my ritual for an evening alone. I hope this inspires you to take some time and treat yourself next time you have the evening to yourself. I look forward to this ritual every time. First, I make a dinner that requires little to no cleaning. I eat a very clean diet and I'm not really an "order-in" person, so I usually treat myself to an Amy's Organics rice crust pizza. The key is to keep it easy but delicious. Afterwards I'll have my...

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Discover the Most Luxurious Bath Salts In the World

We have one last product improvement before the holiday season that we are very excited to share with you. The Shizumi Luxury Bath Salts now contain twice the amount of Japanese botanical ingredients than their prior formulation. What does this mean for you? Lets start with a richer mineral profile from 2x the amount of Okinawan sea salt, more cleansing and purifying action through kombu sea kelp, deeper re-mineralization and replenishment of the body through mekabu, enhanced skin nourishment and revitalization from ceremonial grade matcha, and extra strength healing power for the skin and sore muscles from yomogi. Beyond the Spa Envelop yourself in luxury and well-being. This is a full body treatment that is beyond any spa treatment you will ever try.The Shizumi Luxury Bath Salts are...

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