How to Take a Better Winter Bath

How to Take a Better Winter Bath

Like every season, winter is a magical time to bathe. Here are some of my tips for creating a staycation-worthy, relaxing, rejuvenating bath during the colder months.

Up the Water Temperature: It’s true that very hot water does deplete the skin of moisture (see solutions below), but who doesn't love a long, hot bath during winter? I say go for it. Warmer baths have a wonderful effect on tight muscles, they promote detoxification, and they warm your body up, which leads to better sleep. I find hot baths especially helpful if you live in a drafty environment. A hot bath can warm you up much better than cranking up the furnace.

Add-Ons: If your skin gets dry or itchy, try adding colloidal oatmeal to your bath along with Amayori’s salts and soak. Just a couple of tablespoons will do. If your skin is very dry and you are using one of our salt- or mineral-based soaks, add a few pumps of Hikaru Multi-Use Oil or even a teaspoon of an unscented emollient oil such as jojoba or grapeseed. Make sure to blend all of these wonderful ingredients into the water well. I love the new Hinoki Bath Stirring Rod for this purpose. It’s the perfect tool for creating a skin-friendly bath cocktail.

Yuzu: Whole yuzu fruit is traditionally added to baths on the winter solstice in Japan. It is believed that yuzu will ward off illness and detoxify the body while keeping it strong all winter long. Both the Rotenburo Air and The Snow Onsen collections contain a plentiful amount of Japanese yuzu essential oil. Yuzu’s cheerful citrus notes are sure to brighten your spirit during the cold winter months.

Something Special: It’s not at all necessary, but I absolutely love to bring a crisp, cold glass of sake into the bath. The Hinoki Bathtub Tray is the perfect place to keep it. I relish watching condensation form on the glass with steam rising in the background against candlelight. I find this ritual breathtaking and very calming in its simplicity.

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