How to Have a Mindful Holiday Season

How to Have a Mindful Holiday Season

Things have been so busy around the Amayori loft. I wanted to take a moment to say hello, as this will probably be the last journal entry of the year.

I have always been someone who easily becomes overwhelmed, especially when it is work-related. I feel that so much in my life has changed and I have grown so much in the past year that getting frazzled, eating poorly, and eventually burning out as I normally would during the busy holiday season no longer serves me. With a bit of planning and commitment, I am planning for this to be the most enlightened holiday season yet. 

Here are a few ways I am staying centered and grounded this season. These are all easy lifestyle choices that anyone can incorporate into their day.

  • Meditate every morning: My whole day goes better when I meditate. Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated or elaborate: Sometimes it’s just sitting and breathing while listening to relaxing music. Just do something. This creates a base for your day, and the energy you create in the morning will carry you through all situations with calmness.

  • Exercise five days a week: Even though it’s easy to say that I’m too busy, I know I will feel so much better both physically and mentally after an hour of movement. 

  • Take 20 minutes (at least) for three meals a day: This time of year, it is so easy to take short lunches or snacks in place of meals. Eating mindfully is as important as meditating. Take time to sit, be respectful of the food you are eating and all the hard work it took to get it in front of you, and focus on chewing slowly – don’t read or listen to music. Contemplate the energy that your food will bring to you throughout the day. Be thankful. Give yourself this time to nourish yourself and this time to pause from a busy day.

  • Eat nurturing food: Holidays are meant to be enjoyed. That said, try bringing mindful eating to the holiday season. If you are attending a party, offer to bring a healthy dish. Eat healthy when you are not socializing. Always have three healthy meals a day and view the rest as snacks. If you work in an office where people bring in food that you would like to avoid, bring something healthy for everyone. Personally I find that eating poorly just isn’t worth it, plus there are so many wonderful healthy alternatives available.

  • Prioritize: Sometimes you just can’t fit it all in a single day. It’s as simple as that. If you feel overwhelmed, make a list and execute what is most important, adding on if time allows.

  • Say “no” if necessary: If you have to say “no” because you just can’t fit it all in, that’s totally OK. No one is living your life except for you. Let go of guilt and take care of yourself.

  • Take time for self-care every evening: My way to relax is with a bathing ritual each evening. First, I shower with the Aromatic Body Wash and then soak with any one of Amayori’s soaks. If I go out in the evening, I always take a shower and perhaps use the Hot Springs Mineral Foot Soak, if it’s too late for a bath. I always stay up for three hours after eating, so a bath is a great way to occupy the time.

  • Wishing you a calm, beautiful holiday season.


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