The Life Changing Power of Bathing Rituals

The Life Changing Power of Bathing Rituals

I wanted to share a bit of my personal story with you today.

Bathing rituals have transformed my life so dramatically from the moment I first experienced them in Japan and they continue to do so every day. Amayori’s products, rituals, and Aromatic Experiences are life changing on many levels and have been a catalyst in helping me live a better life.

Prior to starting Amayori I had been working as a busy and often frazzled real estate agent in New York City. My emotions were governed by my career. Work never stops in real estate. The pressure of working in a commission-only field in one of the most expensive cities in the world was often overwhelming. I had lost touch with myself and often felt I was hovering over my life, watching it go by while I acted out a role.

I had always been into self-care and usually relaxed through skincare. I was (and still often am) a fan of relaxing with masks in the evening. At the same time, I wanted more. Something deeper and more meaningful. Something where I wasn’t focused on how I looked. Something with more purpose. I used to teach yoga and meditation but wasn’t in the mood for something that required so much effort, but there was something in me that was yearning for a sense of ritual and tranquility.

I booked a long trip to Japan hoping to find a sense of Zen. One afternoon at a Kyoto Inn, I was introduced to Japanese bathing rituals and the art of bathing with an almost meditative intention. I knew right away I had found what I was looking for. The sense of calm was so beautiful and special that I decided to take it home with me and create my own rituals based on this experience.

I began by taking Saturday hinoki baths. I missed Japan dearly and suddenly could recreate my beautiful bathing memories through scent, ritual, and products. I could escape the world and use my imagination to drift to another place.

What I experienced during these soaks was something different– something beyond my previous beauty rituals with masks and skincare. There was something more. A sense of mystery, travel, culture, and a sense of spirituality. In these rituals, I slowly found my self again. I knew I had something “more” in life - something special that was separate from the hustle of the day to day. Even though I still worked in real estate for some time after. I began to change. Eventually I became centered enough to realize my dream of brining these experiences to others through Amayori.

I’m telling this story because bathing rituals changed my life. We are all, and always will be, a work in progress. So, this is not to say that I don’t have stressful moments from time to time, but life is different now. Better. I have my way to relax. I found that deep thing I was looking for but couldn’t seem to find elsewhere. Beauty, but much deeper. Meditation, but not so serious. Yoga, but effortless. Indulgence, but with a purpose.

I hope Amayori can be a catalyst to a better life for you. It would be my greatest joy to know that Amayori took you beyond the typical beauty rituals - to a place or relaxation, reprieve, and transformation. When we are calm and centered there is nothing we can’t achieve. Life is too short to live any other way.

Warm wishes,




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