How to Take a Relaxing Summer Nap

Amayori, Kyoto Summer

I love a nice weekend nap during any season, but there is something especially languorous and deeply relaxing about a summer nap. They are wonderful for replenishing the body and mind after a day in the hot sun. A late afternoon summer nap allows us to wind down and refresh ourselves which prepares us for a fun summer evening.

When I get home after being out in the sun I will always take a shower. Before taking a nap, I will drink a large glass of water. Sometimes it’s hard to notice how dehydrated the sun makes us. Drinking a glass of water before a nap will help you wake up easier. I find if I don’t do this, I will wake up groggy. 

I keep an essential oil diffuser next to my bed. For a summer nap, I will diffuser Kyoto Summer Home Essence. Fragrance makes memories and this one captures the ease of a languorous summer. The botanicals used in this fragrance are refreshing (lemon verbena, lemon grass, and may chang) and at the same time relaxing (lavender maillette, petitgrain sur fleurs, and peru balsam).

If you don’t have a diffuser or you want to make the experience even more relaxing, you can mist your pillow, and even shoulders, with Kyoto Summer Aromatic Sake Mist. This is perfect for the entire house. Mist on your children’s pillows so that they can enjoy a relaxing afternoon nap too. I also love the idea of leaving this mist  in summer guest bedrooms for an extra special touch.

Be sure to breathe deeply, yet casually and allow yourself to be transported to a place of beauty and relaxation.

Earlier this week an essential oil supplier in Japan included a picture of a beautiful waterfall on Mt. Mitak which is about two hours north of Tokyo. Their note said that they hoped that through the photo I could experience summer in Japan. I thought this was such a lovely thing to say. Little do they know, I have been experiencing summer in Kyoto all summer long.

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