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 Kyoto Summer, Stay Cool with Visualization, Amayori

One of the things that I love about summer in Kyoto is the summer motifs that seem to be everywhere. Patterns of water, waves, dragonflies and even burst of fireworks appear on everything from tableware to kimono. Colors that are light and refreshing are used for everything from chilled sweets to hand fans. Not only is this done for aesthetics, but it is believed that looking at these summer based motifs and can actually help you feel cooler. 

 Kyoto Summer, Stay Cool with Visualization, Amayori

Kyoto is home to some of Japan's most esteemed geisha. You will never see a geisha sweat. It's almost as if they are beyond it. They have a calm, collected way of dealing with the heat. They don't let the heat take over them, nor do they show exasperation. Rather, they think of coolness which allows them to remain calm, and refreshed.

Kyot Summer, Amayori

Each of Amayori's Aromatic Experiences has a story and imagery for you to use as visualization while using your products. Each product comes with a slip of rice paper with the story of the fragrance. Read this story and allow your soul to travel. Take a break from the day to day and experience the exotic. Let your mind rest and forget your cares. For a visual image, you can look at each collection page on our site for a photo to inspire you, or, allow your imagination to create its own imagery.

 Kyoto Summer, Stay Cool with Visualization, Amayori, 3

When using Kyoto Summer, imagine handling the summer heat with the grace, ease, and elegance of a Kyoto woman. Take reprieve from the sun on a relaxing veranda or a shoji screen room. Sip cold green tea while you feel the breeze of a hand fan cooling your skin. Hear the sound of soft windchimes blowing in the breeze. Use these visuals while you use Kyoto Summer's products- even if it just for a few moments, this method will have a tremendous effect on your body, mind, and spirit and help you stay relaxed and refreshed all summer long.

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