The Amayori Sento — Summer


Yusuzumi, a Summer Evening Ritual

July 01, 2016
If you were with us last year you may remember the word yusuzumi. This was the theme of our 2015 beloved Summer Breeze collection. The tradition of yusuzumi is so special that I love revisiting it...
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How to Take a Summer Bath

July 12, 2015
Read Our Most Updated Version of The Summer Bath Here Many people associate taking a bath with winter. I also love taking baths in summer. Summer is about being in or near water; the ocean, swim...
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The Magic of Saturday Summer Evenings

June 13, 2015
  I have always loved Saturday summer evenings, especially after a long day outside. Even better if the day has been spent by the water. There is a certain calm that comes as the sun goes down. So...
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