Zen Morning

Mindful Energy

Experience: Mindful energy, inspiration, happiness, and refreshment.

Waking up in a traditional Japanese inn is an experience like no other. Most inns are equipped with large onsen, or therapeutic hot spring soaking tubs, many of which are located outside and offer breathtaking views of nature. Taking a morning bath, or, asa buro, with a beautiful view sets a mindful tone for the day.

Having an early morning moment of peaceful solitude brings a lasting calm, positive energy to one’s mind, body, and spirit. Take time for yourself every day and allow Zen Morning to energize and you with its exotic, 100% natural aromatherapy blend that includes uplifting Sicilian blood orange, grapefruit, and lime, and touch of invigoration Japanese mint and black pepper. Enjoy the subtlety of mindful energy as you envision a beautiful day ahead.

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